Best Friends

Best Friends_001

Oh hai there! Do you have that one person that just gets you no matter what? That you no know matter what crazy stuff this life throws at you they will always be there. Someone who will be there the ups and downs through thick and thin. Well thats this chica for me. She is definitely one of my bestest friends on the grid ❤ I would be completely and totally lost without her. I grabbed this adorable outfit from thimble! They have a beauty and the beast, Tweedle Dee/Tweedle Dum, and some others! Krayola Kidz did an amazing job with this release! Make sure you stop by thimble and grab your copy!! ❤


Lacie Renea



Head: Toddleedoo Alice Bento Head

Body: Toddleedoo Baby Size Body

Skin: {Petite Bowtique} Briana Skin

Hair: elikatira Allie


Krayola Kidz Best Friends set Located @ Thimble


Sweethearts My Bestie


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